Raising A Family

Your family is your top priority. You’re focused on becoming the best provider and building a stable, loving home for today and the future. Learn about the tools you need to adapt and grow with your family’s ever-changing needs.

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Secure Your Family's Future and Gain Peace of Mind

Use these tools to help nurture an environment where your family can grow, achieve, and flourish.

Stay on top of your household bills

Enroll your utility & telco bills to automate monthly payments — you also earn rewards and build your credit!

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Cover the family against major critical illnesses

Worry less about the future, ensure that your family is protected from the financial burden of the unexpected.

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Invest and gradually build your kid’s college fund

Get essential knowledge, choose from a great list of UITFs, and manage your portfolio right on your phone.

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Get funds for the things you can’t put off

Whether it’s for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, school tuition, or a new venture, go for it with separate credit.

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Say yes to more family road trips

Maybe you need an upgrade, or it’s time for your kid’s first car — keep it within reach with affordable monthly payments.

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Make more space for your growing family

Your home will hold memories that the family will always remember. Make your family home suit your needs and the memories you want

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